Ikuinenlahjan Pihasyreeni Keiju

Shacal Mihkku of Tabanyaruu x Sulavasti

Keiju is my most recent descendant. Since she was able to sit, she could look at me with a special focus. She liked to oversee her brothers and sister and sometimes sat on the stool in the middle of the room to get an even better overview of them. Actually she is also a love at first sight. She has a sister Ylva who looks a lot like her, but the feeling stayed with Keiju. Keiju was born when Liivu came from England at the age of 15 weeks. Because of her youthfulness Liivu naturally wanted to play with the puppies of Hukka, not always gentle. Fortunately, these puppies are very brave. Keiju lives with Marcel because the pack was already complete with the arrival of Liivu so I am very grateful that she has a good home and also remains available for my kennel.

Keiju’s co-owner is Marcel Postma.