Kennel Ikuinenlahjan

“The gift of your Finnish Lapphund in life are the eternal memories.”
My 1st litter was born in 2004, but I only applied for my kennel name in 2014 because I only then wanted to start breeding typical Finnish Lapphunds. In the 10 years between the 1st litter and the arrival of Hukka I was mainly working as a veterinary nurse and was on the board of the Dutch association, called Vedias.
With the arrival of Hukka the desire arose to breed with her. I was already a member of the Finnish Lapphund Association in the Netherlands (FLVN) but I also had to prove myself as a recognized breeder member. Because I think it is important that the gene pole in the Netherlands remains as broad as possible, I have invested a lot of time in sorting out pedigrees down to the ancestors who are at beginning of the breed, sometimes more than 20 generations away from Hukka.
For my choice in breeding males, I generally look at the foreign males. What could be more fun than taking a trip abroad together with your dog!