Tabanyaruu Wihta Liivu

Terhakan Lusmu x Expected Tihkusade of Tabanyaruu

Liivu is my English import bitch. In my search for suitable breeding males for Hukka I came across her mother on the internet and fell in love. When Liivu’s mother was taken over by kennel Tabanyaruu, one of my comments to Liz was “if you have a litter with her, you could write me down for a bitch”. When Tihku indeed had a litter, it was somehow a surprise that I was one of the lucky people to get one of her offspring. I think my co-workers have never seen a bigger smile on my face for a whole day that day.

Liivu is really such a different dog then my other dogs. My other dogs do not think of standing on the coffee table or stealing anything from the counter. Livvu is hard to impress and get along wit all different kind of dogs. She is super cuddly and she also enjoys sheep herding.

Liivu’s co-owner is Edgar Wesseling who will enter the show ring with her because that’s not my thing.