Litter Chjenzi

Anana ’s Veni x Lapinlahjan Aistikas Chjenzi

On wednesday 16th April 2008 Chjenzi gave birth to 2 sons and 3 daughters who arrived after midnight. Chjenzi her 4th daughter, “our girl” was unfortunately stillborn on friday around noon. Because this was my first litter I choose it to start the names of teh puppies with the letter A. When I picked Chjenzi her pedigree name I already loved the name ‘Ajaton’ but I think it’s more a name for a boy then a girl. So all the puppies got a time frame name.

  • Viisaandhjun (Dhjun), weight 309 g and born at 22.40 hour
  • Ajaton (Vidor), weight 315 g and born at 23.21 hour
  • Aika, weight 288 g and born at 0.40 hour
  • Aina, weight 307 g and born at 1.54 hour
  • Ainaisen (Luca), weight 297 g and born at 2.30 hour